Vikings, Saxons & Normans

Towards the end of the 8th century, the Viking invasions began, forcing the Picts and Gaels to rethink their historic hostility to each other and to unite in the 9th century, forming the Kingdom of Scotland.

794      First Viking raids on the holy island of Iona.
800     Book of Kells completed.
806     Iona sacked.
839     Kenneth Mac Alpin becomes King of Scots.
843     Kenneth Mac Alpin becomes King of Picts and Scots.
860     Donald I becomes King.
861      Constantine I becomes King
877     Aed becomes King.
878     Giric becomes King.
889     Donald II becomes King.
890     Orkney, Shetland, the Hebrides and Caithness become part of the kingdom of Norway.
900     Constantine II becomes King.
903     Dunkeld sacked.
926     Athelstan takes Northumbria.
937     Malcolm the 1st becomes King.
954     Indulf becomes King.
963     Dubh becomes King.
967     Culein becomes King.
971      Kenneth II becomes King.
995     Constantine III (the bald) becomes King.
997     Kenneth III becomes King. Grig becomes King.
1006  Malcolm II becomes King.
1018   Battle of Carham
1033  Cnut the King of Denmark invades
1034  Duncan I becomes King.
1040  Macbeth becomes King.
1045  The Battle of Dunkeld
1057   The Battle of Lumphanan. Lulach becomes King.
1058   The Battle of Eassie. Malcolm III becomes King.
1073   William I of England Invades
1093   Donald III becomes King.
1097   Edgar becomes King.

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