A passion for bringing history to life.

What does Reenactment Scotland do?

Posting/sharing events for the promotion of the groups/societies/clubs that are attending them, for the growth and interest of the hobby.

Reenactment Scotland aims to be a one-stop page to plan all your historical weekends away, keeping you up to date with as many reenactment events going on in Scotland as possible.

Striving to keep all information and links up to date.

Helping people to:

Find events
Providing a comprehensive list of reenactment and historical events happening across Scotland.

Discover groups
A Database of reenactment groups to hire, to follow or to join.

Get involved
A network encouraging people to get in touch with groups and on the path to becoming a Reenactor.

Now with a new in-progress section for reenactment Traders – As a resource to help reenactors find the best kit.

The History of Reenactment Scotland

After being involved in the reenactment for only a few years, I quickly noticed that some events were not very well advertised. For the smaller events, the footfall at the venues was only marginally more than weekends without something on. I kept saying there should be a page where all the reenactment events are listed so people can find and follow them. So after some time passed I just made it myself, beginning on Facebook as Reenactment Events Scotland.

It quickly grew and with some cards printed off and a lot of cross-sharing it had an impact pretty quickly. By the second year, the big events had grown even bigger and the wee events had loads of familiar faces floating about. The organisers became more switched on to social media and had a lot more content for me to find, add and share.

I set out my objectives: The groups should be the main focus, to lead people to them so that they could follow them and get involved in the hobby. My ethos was to promote the groups in an unbiased way. As I got so much out of the hobby myself, I was determined to see it grow. From there I took over the Scottish Reenactors Network and after a while changed the name to Reenactment Network Scotland and began to use it as a space to share handy information and events of interest for reenactors as well as open training events, enquiries etc, and other things that I didn’t want to flood the main page with.

Having these pages also got me back into photography, a hobby I had always wanted to pick up again. So when I was not reenacting myself, (Justifying getting myself a fancy camera) I would go to other events and take photos. I soon started taking video interviews focusing on the hobby of reenactment rather than what they were presenting/ reenacting/displaying, as I didn’t want to take away from the show or the display. I wanted to capture the human interest piece so people could see and hear why we love what we do. That way people coming to the shows could experience them fresh with no spoilers.

The website is now on its 3rd reincarnation. First built just as a basic list of all the all events and groups I could find, it has now (with the help of my partner) grown into a very cool looking page which we dedicate a lot of time to because we believe it to be a fantastic resource.

Dave McGrath
Reenactment Scotland
Find Events/ Discover Groups/ Get Involved