A passion for bringing history to life.

What does Reenactment Scotland do?

Posting/sharing events for the promotion of the groups/societies/clubs that are attending them, for the growth and interest of the hobby.

Reenactment Scotland aims to be a one-stop page to plan all your historical weekends away, keeping you up to date with as many reenactment events going on in Scotland as possible.

Striving to keep all information and links up to date.

Helping people to:

Find events
Providing a comprehensive list of reenactment and historical events happening across Scotland.

Discover groups
A Database of reenactment groups to hire, to follow or to join.

Get involved
A network encouraging people to get in touch with groups and on the path to becoming a Reenactor.

Now with a new in-progress section for reenactment Traders – As a resource to help reenactors find the best kit.