Soft Kit

A selection of historical taylors and suppliers of reenactment clothing (soft kit).

Aketon We have always been interested in past times. We have always dreamed about shifting in time to break from
The widest assortment of historically accurate medieval accessories for history reenactments: crowns, knight chains, belts, badges, purses and much more.
Historical costume 07979 991694
Tents, Gambesons, Camp Equipment, Accessories & Gaments.
Curious Works create textiles in Naalbinding and Tablet weave based on the early mediaeval period in Scandinavia and Britain. 01653
Drakos Dottir specialises in recreating Dark Age textiles from Viking and Saxon grave finds. Tablet weaving, tunics, hoods, nalbinding and
UK based company, specialising in WW2 German, British and American Militaria as well providing a line of modern, surplus and
Bespoke authentic Viking/Saxon reenactment clothing for men, women and children. Fully researched and handcrafted to measure. All linen and/or wool.
In the Frame Embroidery designs and sells a range of unique embroideries for the discerning collector in a variety of
Kats Hats Historical Headdresses, Costumes and Embroideries cover the C13th, C14th and C15th. Individually handcrafted bespoke items.