Union of Crowns and Parliament


1603    James VI of Scotland also becomes James I of England.
1605    The failed Gunpowder Plot
1611     Publication of the authorised version of the Bible.
1625    Charles I becomes King.
1639    The First Bishops War
1640    The Second Bishops War
1642    The founding of the Scots Guards.
1644    Scotts invade England.
1644    Montrose named the Kings Lieutenant.
1645    Montrose defeated at Philiphaugh.
1646    Charles I Surrenders to the Scots Army.
1647    Charles I is handed over to the English Parliament
1648    Cromwell in Scotland
1649    Execution of Charles I. Charles II becomes King.
1650    Capture and execution of Montrose.
1651    Scotland under Cromwellian rule.
1660    Restoration of Charles II.
1662    Acts passed against the use of Gaelic and wine drinking.
1685    James VII becomes King.

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