A selection of suppliers/makers of mead.

For those not in the know, mead is probably the oldest alcoholic drink in the world with archaeological evidence suggesting it has been made as far back as 7000BCE. It has been found in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. In Europe, it is synonymous with the Celts, the Vikings and with the monastic system.

In its simplest form, mead is made from fermenting honey and water. This is why you can really taste the honey in it.  variations can be made on this simple recipe using fruit, herbs and spices, depending on the season.

Mead has become increaingly popular over the last few years and has been a favorate amongst reenactors for much longer hense its place here.

Afon Mêl is a meadery in New Quay, West Wales.
Lindisfarne Mead
Magic Mead is made with only natural products that are all sourced in the West Midlands. Our mead is simply
Nidhoggr Mead Co is a meadery in York.      
Rogue Trading is a business focused on mead; its history, its making and, unsurprisingly, its taste. Rogue Trading is a
Small-batch Mead production company, with many years of experience purely producing mead as a home brewer. Brewed with love for
The More Mead Company. Specialist purveyors and producers of legendary artisan Meads. The More Mead Company was founded on the
The Rookery - Craft Mead The Rookery is a small meadery based in Perthshire. Who produce high-quality mead using local