A selection of suppliers/ makers of historical reenactment footwear.

Historic footwear from 1000 B.C. to 1558 A.D. Fully hand-sewn museum-grade shoes and machine-stitched shoes in standard sizes. 01443 771183
Historical shoes
Historical costume 07979 991694
UK based company, specialising in WW2 German, British and American Militaria as well providing a line of modern, surplus and
Quality hand made shoes and leatherwork.
Medieval Reenactment Equipment.
The Merchant of Menace is a York based business that specialises in producing equipment for Viking, Saxon and Norman Re-enactors,
Katarina and Juraj are artists, shoemakers, leatherworkers and history enthusiasts. As members of living history society, they initiated a project
One of the UK's longest established manufacturers of items for historical re-enactment. Belts, Pouches, Bags, Hats, Knives, Scabbards, Archery, Footwear.
Pictavia Leather formerly know as Half-Goat Leatherwork Quality Handmade Leather Goods for Outdoorsmen, Bushcrafters and Re-enactors. Historical replicas (specialising in