What is reenactment combat?

Many large groups use a pulled blow form of armed historical martial arts, where they battle competitively with various sets of rules for safety to try and recreate the atmosphere of real battle. To take part most groups will expect you to regularly practise with them and be confident in being safe and making sure others are being safe too.

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Open multi-group training weekends and social meet-ups will be listed in the events calendar.

What is HEMA?
HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts and it is the study and practice of European close combat through the ages.

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What is Buhurt?
Buhurt means ground fighting ( buhurt ) with blunt weapons a knightly combat game.
Where combatants take part in competitions held by the Battle of the Nations and the International Medieval Combat Federation.

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Most that take part in HEMA or Buhurt consider them more Contact sports than reenactments where HEMA takes a modern approach to the practice, study and art of historical sword fighting and buhurt is well badass folk in pretty much historical suits of armour quite awesomely bashing the hell out of each other competitively and it is highly entertaining but both have elements of reenactment and can now often be found in the same setting.

What is Stage Fighting?

Stage combat or fight choreography is a specialised technique in theatre designed to create the illusion of physical combat without causing harm to the performers. It is used in live stage plays as well as tv and movie productions.

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