Welcome to our directory of traders. Here you will find the best reenactment suppliers not limited to Scottish traders.

Whether you are just starting out or expanding your collection, this part of the website is here to help you find what you need or are looking for.

We are ever-growing this part of the website from first-hand recommendations to show ideal for reenactment and living history crafters and traders.

Note: Check your sources and its always check in with your group before making any purchases.

If you have any recommendations of who should be listed please get in touch.

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A selection of suppliers of Wool, Leather & Rawhide.

A selection of Leatherworkers or Leatherwork suppliers.

Soft Kit
A selection of historical tailors and suppliers of reenactment clothing (soft kit).

A selection of historical tent makers/ suppliers.

A selection of historical Armour and/or Weapon makers/ suppliers. (Swords, Axes, Sheilds, Bows, Arrows, Spears, Helmets, Sheild Bosses, Gaunlets, Plate, Mail, Padding etc).

A selection of suppliers of Reenactment accessories. (Belts, jewellery, miscellaneous items, camp furniture and tools etc).

A selection of suppliers/ makers of historical reenactment footwear.

A selection of suppliers/makers of wooden furniture.

A selection of suppliers/makers of mead.

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