What is HEMA?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts and it is the study and practice of European close combat through the ages.

Below are some HEMA clubs in Scotland follow the links to find out more.

Aberdeen Swordsmanship Group Classes run over six weeks Mondays and Wednesdays https://www.facebook.com/groups/1425794770774515/ http://www.swordsmanship.org.uk/
Black Boar  A historical fencing school based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in smallsword and military sabre tuition, with classes each
Perthshire’s full contact medieval combat sports team The Deils Claymores produce fighters for The Scottish Knight League which in turn
Fair City Historical Academy Perth Tuesday 7:00pm Salle Ossian Fencing Club, 4, Riverview Business Park, Friarton Rd PH2 8DF Perth
lessons run every Wednesday from 19:00 - 21:00 Please arrive and be ready to start at 19:00, if this is
Studying and displaying the martial arts of renaissance Europe. 1F3 127 Bruntsfield Place Edinburgh EH10 4EQ 0798 343 0934 ajbyweb@gmail.com
Have you ever been interested in how it would be to wield a sword, axe, spear or any other medieval
8:00pm - 10:00pm every Wednesday St Catherine's of Argyle Church on the Grange. 61-63 Grange Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1TY (MAP
Every Tuesday. Classes start at 18:30 and are 2hrs long (Due to our location, our hall is used as a
Sparring Mondays 8pm-10pm The Friary Dundee Tullideph Rd, Dundee, DD2 2PN (Map Link) The Institute for Historical Arts is a Dundee based historical