Alan Breck’s Volunteer Regiment/ Edinburgh City Guard 


Alan Breck’s Volunteer Regiment present exciting, informative and entertaining historical events across Scotland and beyond, bringing to life the events of 1745-6.

Events range from small-scale character appearances to participation in large battle events alongside colleagues from other societies. We are proud to be the host regiment of Britain’s largest Jacobite battle event each year at Prestonpans.
Most events involve the erection of tented encampments, where soldiers will eat and sleep whilst “on campaign” at a venue. If there is an enemy camp nearby, you can be sure that their patrols will clash and trouble will follow…!
A non-profit society, Members portray both Jacobites, Redcoats, and civilians.

Edinburgh City Guard

“His Majesty’s Company of Foot within the Town of Edinburgh”
The City or Town Guard was the Scottish capital’s main defence and police force throughout the 18th century.
Now members of the “Alan Breck’s Regiment” re-enactment society have brought the Guard back to life, performing at events both in Edinburgh and across the country.
From parades along the Royal Mile to skirmishing with Jacobites, being a member of the City Guard is about camaraderie, enjoyment, and engaging with history.

Alan Breck's Volunteer Regiment