Arran Johnston Heritage Services


Arran Johnston Heritage Services

Living History, Talks and Lectures, Battlefield walks, School visits.

Arran Johnston is the founding director of the Scottish Battlefields Trust.

What better way to teach children about the soldiers of the past than by bringing the history to life in the classroom?

With over ten years of experience and the relevant disclosures and risk assessments, teachers can be confident that they are booking high-quality professional sessions.

All historical attire and equipment used in my sessions are made to high standards of integrity, ensuring that the performances are not only engaging but rooted in rigorous research too.


– Jacobites and Redcoats of The ’45

– The Centurion Calls (the Roman Army in Scotland)

– COMING SOON – The Battle of Dunbar 1650

Other subjects may be possible on request.

NB – Travelling distance for session prices calculated from Edinburgh.