The Clanranald Trust, a recognised charity that is an educational organisation established in 1995. The members of the trust are dedicated to promoting increased awareness of Scottish Culture and Heritage through interactive education and entertainment. Their aim is to present a true recreation of our nation’s past, striving to provide a fitting testimony to our ancestors.

The Trust has a small but dedicated management team and a large contingent of volunteers who assist with the objectives of the Trust. Goodwill and the enthusiasm of the volunteers, who donate their time towards raising the necessary funds, allow the Trust to continue realising its educational ambitions.

The Trusts fundraising activities include Historical hands-on displays, corporate themed entertainment, major Film & TV work.

School Visits

Clanranald Education is Part of the Charity, The Clanranald Trust for Scotland. The many educational activities undertaken include interactive school and youth group visits. These usually involve visual displays and discussions about historical Scottish life and allow children to take a closer look at some of the weapons and costumes of the time.

The Trust is also responsible for the construction of the Duncarron Medieval Village.