Age of Enlightenment


1759    The Birth of Robert Burns
1760    George III becomes King.
1775     The American War of Independence began.
1781     Private Whisky distilling is made illegal.
1788    Charles Edward Stewart dies in Rome.
1793     War with France (French Revolutionary Wars)
1799     Napoleon ascends to First Consul of France.
1815     The Battle of Waterloo
1817     Walter Scott publishes Rob Roy.
1827     Captain James Stirling founds Perth.
1829     The Trial of Burke and Hare.
1830    William III of Scotland, IV of England becomes King.
1833     Slavery Abolished in British dominions.

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Historical shoes
Audhumbla makes reconstructions of Viking age knives, tools, belts and bags. All projects are based on extensive research of archaeological
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Battle of the Nations – Team Scotland
Offering and organising school visits and workshops as well as reenactment events covering Wallace and Bruce Celts and Romans Vikings
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