Irons in the fire


Living History displays of Blacksmithing through the ages

Blacksmithing displays
Medieval to WW2. This includes a forge, anvil, tools, set
dressing and costume appropriate for the period.

Money-ers display,
medieval to 17th C, including coin striking, Die-cutting, simple
commerce and coinage.

Artisans Court
A medieval industrial display 3 smiths (Haydn Easy, Andy Kirkham and
Kevin Legg), Provide a large forge mounted on a cart and a reproduction of a medieval 5 sided anvil.
mounted displays of general blacksmithing and the “Three man Strike”. In addition to this, they also
have an armourer’s forge and a small general blacksmithing forge. This can be added to with
other artisans representing many other craft and industries on request. The court is overseen by a
“Steward of the court” who interacts with the public whilst they are working. This is also a 2-day
minimum display due to the long setup time.

Edwardian Motor-tricycle
Illustrating the transition of the local Blacksmith
into the local Garage, it is a working vehicle.

WWI Army Service Corps
The Motor-tricycle can be put on a war footing and can provide a display of the duties and history of
WWI Army Service Corps.

ASC Fitter Sergeant
Blacksmithing display as an ASC Fitter Sergeant, this can
be supplied with additional personnel.

House and Workshop
Haydn and his partner can also provide a display of a “House” and adjacent workshop, at the
moment this is either Medieval, Victorian, Edwardian, WW1 or WW2, but they are intending expanding
this to all periods in the future. This display is a 2-day minimum due to the long setup times involved.