Lace Wars


Lace Wars (LW) is a historical re-enactment group, re-creating the life and times of the mid-eighteenth century, with particular emphasis on the 1745 Jacobite Rising. By carrying out accurate recreations of the past, LW provides an educational and entertaining insight into the period for the public, whilst providing enjoyment for its members. LW is a not for profit organisation, whose members perform for the public on a voluntary basis.

General Information
What is Lace Wars?
Lace Wars is a historical re-enactment group, re-creating the life and times of the mid-eighteenth century, with particular emphasis on the 1745 Jacobite Rising. Lace Wars is composed of seven regiments, each focused on recreating a specific element of the British, French, or Jacobite army. Whilst there is scope to portray civilians attached to the army, our focus is on the military life of the period.

Where do you hold your events?
Lace Wars takes part in living history events in the British Isles throughout the year, with occasional forays overseas. Most events are organised by ourselves – typically at stately homes, castles, or open-air museums – but we also take part in large multi-period events organised by outside bodies such as English Heritage. Geographically, the majority of our UK events tend to be in the Midlands and Home Counties.

I’m thinking about joining Lace Wars – whom should I contact?
Members join Lace Wars through one of our component regiments, so you should decide which one you are interested in and get in touch with their Commanding Officer or recruitment contact. Information on the regiments, including the appropriate contacts, can be found on our website:

I’d like to meet people face-to-face before I sign up – can I come to an event without joining?
You can visit any of our events as a member of the public and talk to us there. Alternatively, you can take part in a trial event as a guest without any obligation to join: this should be organised through the regiment that you are thinking of joining.

How much does it cost to join?
Membership of Lace Wars is £10 per year, you will normally also pay a small fee to the regiment that you decide to join. Regiments have supplies of basic items that you will be able to borrow initially, but you will be expected to buy your own clothing and equipment eventually. Clothing and equipment can range in price from £1,000 for a foot soldier to £1,500+ for a cavalryman. Civilian clothing can cost from around £600, depending on the social status portrayed. The regiment that you join will supply you with a kit list and put you in touch with the appropriate suppliers.

Your events are several days long – where do I sleep?
Most members use canvas tents to sleep in which form part of our Living History encampment (although there is no need to forgo modern comforts so long as they are kept inside the tents). It may be possible for new members to arrange to share a tent, or you could bring a modern “plastic” tent and camp away from the living history area. For that matter, there is no reason why you could not check into a local hotel but you would miss out on much of the society’s social life if you did.

Can I bring the family along?
Lace Wars is a family-friendly group but all those taking part in our events, including children, must maintain our basic authenticity standards. Children under sixteen may only take part in events if accompanied by an adult member of Lace Wars and are deemed to be the responsibility of that adult. Lace Wars also welcomes members with dogs, but some of the venues that we visit do not.

I’m a woman and I’d like to portray a male role – is that possible?
Lace Wars does not have any rules on cross-dressing, but each of the component regiments has its own policy. Cross-dressing is permitted in the following regiments: Pulteney’s 13th Foot, Cobham’s 10th Dragoons, Régiment Irlandois de Dillon and Rose & Thistle. Each regiment will have its own rules and guidelines on what is deemed acceptable.

For further information about Lace Wars membership or events contact us via email at