Regia Anglorum


Reenacting the daily lives and warfare of the peoples of the British Isles from AD 800 – 1100 a Dark Ages Reenactment and Living History Society portraying the Vikings, Saxons, and other early medieval inhabitants of the British Isles. If you’ve ever wondered what life and warfare were like in the British Isles 1000 years ago and would like to experience a little bit of it then this is for you.

Regia Anglorum is organised into numerous local groups, by far the majority of which are located in the United Kingdom.

Regia Anglorum in Scotland.

Din Eidyn
The Edinburgh branch of Regia Anglorum,
Training sessions usually take place at
Bruntsfield Links Melville Dr,
Edinburgh EH9
opposite the Best Western Plus Hotel and next to the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative.
Sundays 11:00-13:00

If you wish to contact them to book them for a show or other event or if you’re interested in joining them or have any other enquiries please email them at

Marr agus Fibh 
The Fife and Aberdeenshire branch of Regia Anglorum,

The Highlands & Islands branch of Regia Anglorum,

The Glasgow and Ayrshire branch of Regia Anglorum

The Dumfries and Galloway branch of Regia Anglorum