A selection of suppliers of Reenactment accessories.
Belts, jewellery, miscellaneous items, camp furniture and tools etc.

Medieval crafts Weaving•sewing•woodworking•sword & shieldmaking•leatherworking and other crafts from early medieval times. +421 948 771 380
Wooden items for reenactors.
Historical pottery reconstruction workshop.
Lucy the Tudor AKA Solveig the Viking The maker of historically accurate products of wool, cloth, wood, bone, leather and
Historical clothing, tents and equipment +48 605 182 120
Medievalcraft Offering a wide range of very handy products to reenactors.
Medieval Reenactment Equipment.
The Merchant of Menace is a York based business that specialises in producing equipment for Viking, Saxon and Norman Re-enactors,
Weapons - Jewellery