All Traders

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Craftsman and Historical Interpreter specialising in Northern Britain during the Viking Age: Museum Quality Reproductions, Outreach and School Visits
Baltic jewellery art and reconstruction Making exact copies of archaeological findings for 20 years. Most of the works are copies
Custom and bespoke blades for any occasion. Swords, knives (not limited to dirks, sgian dubhs and kitchen blades) and other
Gothic Cast medieval accessories We make copies of medieval accessories and jewellery and its author's stylization. We do Investment Casting
Grunal Moneta produces authentic-style hammered coins, starting with Greek through to Celtic (650BC), all the way to the English Civil
Bespoke authentic Viking/Saxon reenactment clothing for men, women and children. Fully researched and handcrafted to measure. All linen and/or wool.
Reconstructions of weapons, firearms and traditional costume components primarily from the early Middle Ages of Western Europe.
Processing of wool, weaving, spinning, felting, nalbinding, sprang, handwoven fabric, blanket, home accessories
The hand-weaving mill Galz still produces them: The good textiles for everyday use - those that last long, that work
Hand-woven wool according to the old practices. Undyed or dyed sheep wool, weft mostly 100% handspun. +420 776 078 786