The Vikings


The Vikings Founded in 1971 are the premier society presenting re-enactments of the Viking Age. While the Society portrays Dark Age life from the 8th to 11th Century. The Vikings aim is to provide an accurate and educational portrayal of the Viking period with both Living History and battle displays.

The Vikings strive to bring history alive and portray an accurate account of Viking warfare and day to day life while trying to make it fun for our audiences, The Vikings could turn up and talk endlessly about it but it is much easier and entertaining for them to show you.

The Scottish Braches of the group predominately portray – the Hiberno Norse who were originally the Viking colonists of Ireland and Scotland who starting as early as the ninth century intermarried with native Gaels and adopted the Gaelic language as well as many other Gaelic customs, such as dress. They are generally known by the Gaelic name which they themselves used, of which “Norse-Gaels” is a translation. This term is subject to a large range of variations depending on chronological and geographical differences in the Gaelic language, i.e. Gall Gaidel, Gall Gaidhel, Gall Gaidheal, Gall Gaedil, Gall Gaedhil, Gall Gaedhel, Gall Goidel, etc. Other modern translations used include Scoto-Norse, Hiberno-Norse and Foreign Gaels.

The groups can also portray – the 9th century Picts who were an ethnic group in central and northern Scotland from Roman times until the 9th century.

School Visits

The Vike are able to provide an on-site talk on Vikings and Viking life as an aid to the teaching of the National Curriculum.
We have a large team of Disclosure Scotland registered members who specialize in working with schools and making history fun as well as informative.
We will arrive complete with props and full costume plus weapons, really bringing history into the classroom to inspire and amuse. Two or more warriors will also give a weapons demonstration if space allows us to meet health and safety requirements.
For a quote or for more information don’t hesitate to contact us as we are happy to oblige.
Contact Jill Kirkwood,

Scottish Branches 

The Glasgow Vikings

The Glasgow branch of “The Vikings”.

Galloway Longfhada

The South West Scotland branch of “The Vikings”.