Melee Society Aberdeen


Have you ever been interested in how it would be to wield a sword, axe, spear or any other medieval weapon? Have you ever wanted to try yourself in medieval combat, cavalry sabre duel or stand in a shield wall? Now is your chance!

The society offers training for anyone interested, no matter how experienced you are. We train everything- from basic routines to clashes with multiple fighters on each side.

Learn and train how to effectively (and in a safe manner) wield weapons of the Middle Ages – from seax, swords, and flails to Dane axes, spears and other two-handed armaments. Plans for introducing range weapons are in motion as well.

Anyone interested in Hema fighting, Knights Bohurts, experimental archaeology, medieval crafts, reenactment, and history in general- is more than welcome.

Become a warrior with a history-nerd twist!

Training every Thursday 19.00-21.00 and Saturday 12.00-14.00 in the GP Hall

Bring sport clothes, water, and heaps of Melee Spirit! Drop by and check it out. It’s free and open to everyone. There are showers, lockers, and changing rooms available. Bus stop 20 meters from the hall.

The GP Hall is situated in the Central Building of Hillhead Student Village. (LINK)