20th Century


1901    IRN BRU Official launch
1901    Edward I of Scotland, VII of England becomes King.
1910    George V becomes King.

1914-1918    The Great War – World War I

1919    Riots in George Square Glasgow.
1928    Women get the vote on the same terms as men.
1931    National Trust for Scotland founded.
1936    Edward II, VIII of England becomes King
1936   George VI becomes King.

1939-1945    World War II

1952    Elizabeth II becomes Queen.
1957    Scottish Television starts broadcasting.
1967    Drilling of the first North Sea oil well
1978    Launch of BBC Radio Scotland.
1988    Lockerbie Bombing.
1996    Dunblane massacre
1996    The Stone of Destiny is returned to Scotland.
1999    A Scottish Parliament sits for the first time in 272 years.

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