Duncarron Grand Opening Day 2


The Spirit of Duncarron Grand Opening Weekend

Saturday the 18th of May 1100-2200
Sunday the 19th of May 1100-1900

Duncarron Medieval Village, Clanranald Trust for Scotland, Carron Valley FK6 5JL

The Clanranald Trust for Scotland, a registered charity of Scotland (SC 024881) presents ‘The Spirit of Duncarron’. The event will host groups and musicians from all over the world, including our own representatives from Duncarron – Saor Patrol who are internationally acclaimed. We will have performances from Aztecs, Aborigines, Cree Indians and local groups demonstrating Scottish culture and heritage throughout the day.

Visitors will be able to wander through Duncarron experiencing Celtic times to Early Medieval life in Scotland, this will involve, meeting the highly regarded combatants from Combat International and some of the background supporting artists who provides the convincing battle scenes in Outlander, Gladiator, King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Eagle, Valhalla Rising, Thor II, Snow White and the Huntsman, Transformers 5 and the more recent Norsemen, Outlaw King and Rise of the Clans. You can see the actual historical costumes and props from Outlaw King and other films that Combat International were involved in.

Meet the Bruce, Wallace, Douglas and John de Graham hear their stories of war and politics of the time. Find out more about the societies that promote Scottish Culture and Heritage.

There will be access to the recently built Crowes Tower from where the Battering Ram can be viewed called ‘Rosie’ which was donated by Russell Crowe himself after the movie ‘Robin Hood’. There is also the little brother of the Warwolf Trebuchet from the recent movie Outlaw King.

Visitors will also be to interact with our Duncarron volunteers by feeling the weight of the extensive Armoury of the times owned by the Clanranald Trust for Scotland.

There will be other activities for people to participate such as Archery, Axe Throwing, Sword Training, Falconry, Little Warriors section, Medieval kitchens, Hospital and Blacksmiths, Heraldic Flag Painter’s from Germany. There will also be traders with an assortment of goods and wares for sale, with a variety of items that have been made by Clanranald volunteers.

There will be activities for children including having your little warriors face painted like Picts. There will also be a children’s costume competition for the best-looking little warrior and a competition for the best Medieval looking Family. Prizes will be given!

Within the village, there will be an assortment of traditional Scottish food and drinks being served.

‘Glamping’ is available for the weekend for those who want to stay and enjoy the weekend’s activities. For further details please see Drum Farm is in walking distance of the village.


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