Medieval Realm


Medieval Realm is a historical re-enactment group, specialising in the high Medieval period. Founded in 2005 in and around Aberdeen they now have members from all over Scotland. Depicting history from the early medieval periods through to the renaissance of the 16th century.

Medieval Realm demonstrates authentic style clothing, various tents, weapons and armour as well as demonstrating combat techniques and archery. With artisans who specialise in areas such as surgery and medicines, herbs and remedies, embroidery and braiding, chainmail making, banquets and medieval foods.

The group has been involved in supporting TV programmes such as the BBC’s “ A History of Scotland” and “ Scotland’s Clans”. Medieval Realm take part in many multi-group events throughout the year and are experienced at organising such events. Some members within the group are trained in Western Martial Arts and using these techniques have supported combat training with other re-enactment groups.

Medieval Realm are also experienced in providing family fun days, where the children can battle with the Knights and play medieval games. If you are planning an event whether it be for families, weddings, corporate functions, educational school days, TV/Film or just good old plain entertainment we can provide you with a taste of history which will bring colour and pageantry to any event.
So if you are looking for something different Medieval Realm can make this a reality.