A selection of historical Armour and/or Weapon makers/ suppliers.

Swords, Axes, Bows, Arrows, Spears, Helmets, Gaunlets, Plate, Mail, Padding etc.

Blacksmithing, medieval swords, custom swords, axes, spears.
Armourer and craftsman in general working in many materials. Specialising in tailoring mail Horse equipment - historical bits, spurs and
Stuart Makin is a blacksmith who specialises in bespoke forge work and historical replicas.
James G. Elmslie produces handmade replicas of historical arms and domestic cutlery for Collectors, Reenactors, and Museums. Based in Perth,
A swordsmith making historical and mythical inspired art.
A bespoke service for handmade historical and re-enactment pieces using the techniques of the period. Making Viking and Slavic knives,
Stuff for historical reenactment of early Middle Ages.
Královo řemeslo - Hand-made equipment and accessories for reenactment.
Medieval crafts Weaving•sewing•woodworking•sword & shieldmaking•leatherworking and other crafts from early medieval times. +421 948 771 380