A selection of historical Armour and/or Weapon makers/ suppliers.

Swords, Axes, Bows, Arrows, Spears, Helmets, Gaunlets, Plate, Mail, Padding etc.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Macdonald Armouries creates high-quality functional swords and edged weapons to order.
Historical clothing, tents and equipment +48 605 182 120
Traditional hand-made arrows based on existing medieval types, or custom made to any specification.
The Merchant of Menace is a York based business that specialises in producing equipment for Viking, Saxon and Norman Re-enactors,
Weapons - Jewellery
Swords and other re-enactment items. 01945 430515
One of the UK's longest established manufacturers of items for historical re-enactment. Belts, Pouches, Bags, Hats, Knives, Scabbards, Archery, Footwear.
Plessis Armouries conserves or authentically reproduces armour from all periods of history. All of the armour that is made by
Present Past Historical Crafts Present Past strives to produce high-quality historical inspirations and reproductions, meticulously researched and with the highest