A selection of historical Armour and/or Weapon makers/ suppliers.

Swords, Axes, Bows, Arrows, Spears, Helmets, Gaunlets, Plate, Mail, Padding etc.

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Cluaran - Historical Interpretation Project has a mission to increase the public awareness of the cultural heritage shared by Scots
Combat International are dedicated professionals, actors and combat re-enactment specialists. The teams are able to accurately recreate the fighting styles
Combined Forces Living History Group are a small non-profit group primarily based in Glasgow, Scotland but also have some members
Tents, Gambesons, Camp Equipment, Accessories & Gaments.
Armour and weapons
Cumbraland Living History WHAT IS CUMBRALAND THE EARLY MEDIEVAL KINGDOM OF STRATHCLYDE? A living history group dedicated to portraying the Kingdom
Curious Works create textiles in Naalbinding and Tablet weave based on the early mediaeval period in Scandinavia and Britain. 01653
Danegeld produce copies of historic metalwork focusing mainly on the dark age and medieval period.
Reproduction of archaeological material, specializing in late Antiquity and the Merovingian period.