Soft Kit

A selection of historical taylors and suppliers of reenactment clothing (soft kit).

Kats Hats Historical Headdresses, Costumes and Embroideries cover the C13th, C14th and C15th. Individually handcrafted bespoke items.
Stuff for historical reenactment of early Middle Ages.
Brad's selvedges, Plaque selvedges, Socks, caps, naalbinding gloves.
14th and 15th Medieval clothing, Reenactment clothing, Historical clothing, Wedding outfits, Banners and Surcoats etc 07971 806753
Historical clothing, tents and equipment +48 605 182 120
Medieval Reenactment Equipment.
Nidavellnir makes Viking Age nalbinded items (a form of Viking Age knitting)  from undyed and naturally dyed yarns from Icelandic, British,
OldCraft workshop Handwoven textile and clothing
One of the UK's longest established manufacturers of items for historical re-enactment. Belts, Pouches, Bags, Hats, Knives, Scabbards, Archery, Footwear.
Bespoke period tailor crafting clothing from 1660s-1940s using period methods and materials to recreate history.