Soft Kit

A selection of historical taylors and suppliers of reenactment clothing (soft kit).

Properly Dressed, Tailored clothing for the reenactor. Supplying historical and re-enactment clothing that is made to measure. Made using historically
Quartermasters Stores faithfully recreate historical replicas for museums, collectors, Re-Enactors, TV & Film. Quartermasters Stores are Registered suppliers to EH,
Scotland’s premier manufacturer of products for re-enactment, buhurt, LARP, HEMA, museums and film/TV productions. Providing an extensive range of historical
Documented items for reenactors and museums. +1 765 481 2662
One of the largest collections of replica uniforms and equipment in the world. British, German and American WW1 and WW2
A company that produces and sells different kinds of goods for the reenactment of medieval times such as garments, tents,
Reproduction of historical textiles - hand-woven fabrics based on archaeological finds - design and manufacture of historical clothing +49 6509
Footwear and accessories from Rome to modern times. All sewn by hand from high-quality leather.
The Woodland Tannery is an exciting new social enterprise based on Scotland’s rich history of leather tanning and forest management.