Jacobite & Georgian


1688     James VII flees to France.
1688    William and Mary become joint sovereigns.
1689     The Battle of Killiekrankie.
1690     The battle of Cromdale.
1692     The Massacre of Glencoe.
1694     Mary dies.
1697     Records mention varieties of potatoes.
1702     Death of William, Anne becomes Queen
1707     Act of Union formally dissolves the Scottish parliament.
1708     Abolition of the Scottish Privy Council.
1714     Anne dies, George I becomes King.
1715     Jacobite Rising, The Battle of Sheriffmuir
1719     The Battle of Glenshiel.
1727     George II becomes King.
1745     Prince Charles Edward Stewart lands.
1745     The Battle of Prestonpans.
1745     Tennants Brewery is set up
1746     The Battle of Culloden.

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