Fit for a Queen


Saturday the 18th of June 1000-1600
Sunday the 19th of June 1300-1600
Dunfermline Abbey and Palace (MAP LINK)

Travel back to the 11th Century and celebrate the 950th Anniversary of Dunfermline Abbey, as you meet Queen Margaret of Scotland. As well as meeting her Grace, you’ll have the chance to meet members of her court, who’ll give you the chance to try your hand at writing with a quill, learn medieval astronomy and play medieval games.

You can even meet the Queen’s bodyguards and find out what steps they’re ready to take to protect the Queen! Or, for something quieter, why don’t you meet our monk who will tell you how to get into the habit with a life dedicated to the Church or discover how this magnificent Abbey was built by talking to the stonemason.

Featuring displays and performances from:

Medieval Realm

Dawn Burgoyne Presents

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